Photo Match Work

Sketchup photo match and Vray 5 for render…


Good start.
The reflection on the right side seems to be missing the back wall. You could project the photo on a surface to have it in the reflection.
For Photo Matching, it is also essential to match saturation and and focus - in bright daylight the saturation tends to be lower in highlights and shadows so I’d decrease it a bit for the render part.
In a close up you will also notice that the sharpness of the background image is lower than the render, so you can use slight gaussian blur on the render or its boundary edges to blend them together better.

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Right side reflections could be done, you are right… Photoshop is not used for this work to match render to the background, it is done directly in render… I set render size bigger than the original photo, may be keeping the render output the same would solve the sharpness issue…

I draw a surface and project photo on it on the right…

I meant on the image right, where you see the sky reflection

Projecting photo or texturing with original photo cause some color and distortion issues, i can use it for reflections and clear using ps of course, first i used shadow catcher surface there but leaving empty looked nicer to me, until you mention the reflections… :slight_smile: