Photo match with high resolution?

Hi There! I watched this tutorial video and wanted to know if there is a way of achieving this with high-resolution photo matching?

The problem I keep encountering is that no matter how clear or detailed I paint my image at a nice large size, Sketchup photo-matches it onto my model as a pixelly mess. Is there any way around this? I would love to have a painterly-feeling model I can zoom in a little bit on without TOO much pixelization. I’m a bit of a novice at this. Thank you so much!

I seem to remember there’s an option in SU to ‘Use maximum texture size’ which might make a difference.

I have never used it, so just going to see if I can find it…

Yes, it’s in Window/Preferences (Sketchup/Preferences on Mac) OpenGl settings, Use maximum texture size.

IIRC the maximum is of the order of 4000 px in one or other dimension

I recently made a thread about trying to feed SU too high a resolution image here. The experience suggests there may be some limit to how much resolution you can feed SU in Match Photo.

It looks to me like you can toggle “use maximum texture size” on and off at any time with some other complications on repeating patterns.

I just quickly scanned the video. Is the idea to go out from SU to Photoshop, paint the texture effects, and then bring them back into SU? Interesting look. In a similar vein, I’ve also mapped hand drawn drawings to SU models for a different sort of hand drawn look.

Turning on maximum texture size helped dramatically! I think that’s as good as it’s gonna get! Thank you so much

Yeah, the gameplan involved leave SU to paint in photoshop and then bring the image back into SU. Turning on maximum texture size has made a huge difference. Thank you!

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