Photo match and zoom issue

I’m not sure if this a user error(most likely), bug or maybe a feature :thinking:, but when I import a matched photo from SU Make to SU iPad if I pinch to zoom the image disappears. I can recover it through scenes. Pinching does work on SU for web. If I use the zoom tool on SU for iPad there are no issues. Is this a user error issue?
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I see what you’re saying. The problem is, in any version, you can zoom all you want, but if you orbit at all, you loose the Match Photo view. This looks like the problem where after pinching to zoom, the eye position suddenly jumps to a seemingly random different point of view. I thought that problem had been fixed. @MikeTadros? Is the problem back, or just a version hiding in Match Photo’s camera handling?

Confirmed, choose the Zoom tool, and no problem, also, attach a mouse and use the scroll wheel, no problem.

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We did fix the issue where the camera was jumping quite aggressively, at times, after a certain sequence of orbit & zoom gestures were performed.
I think this is probably a bit more subtle. It can be difficult to not orbit at all while using the pinch gesture to zoom in/out.
Good call suggesting the use of the dedicated Zoom tool in cases like this where it matters that the camera doesn’t orbit.

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