Permanent login?

Is there a way to stay permanently logging into SU?

Under Help, it’s says I’m logged, yet I get this message.
Also prompts me to sign in every time I use 3D warehouse.



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I don’t think so, not with Trimble’s subscription model for SketchUp.

Thanks Tom.

Seems like the login
requests and errors are more frequent than ever…

When this happens, the saved token in the login_session file is no longer valid.
This might happen when there is maintenance or if something went wrong on the servers.
It’s saying:
‘Hé, this sign in is no longer valid (the information stored on your device is not the same anymore compared with the info we have on our side)’

Signing out, closing SketchUp (all instances) and firing up will prompt you to sign in again and obtain the updated info.
Once SketchUp is closed after that (so not crashing!) the info should be enough ( it does checks it via the internet) and you wouldn’t have to sign in.

Until something happens with the servers, off course.

They were more frequent than ever, but some things were fixed. Hopefully you won’t see that message again, unless you have not signed out and in again for more than 4 weeks.

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Something must be uniquely bad with server connection these days, bc it seems like the login requests and errors are more frequent than ever…

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I use sketchup on my phone, iPad and MacBook Pro. Every new day I use any of these I have to go through the login process.

It’s time consuming, but I’d get used to that. However login is flaky on iPad and phone seemingly because of the mobile data connection.

When you’re on site trying to pull a complex design together, the 3D drawing can be a lifesaver - and truly relied upon as a part of the workflow. But only if a person can actually log on to the server, and view the drawing.