Logging in to SketchUp ahead of site-visits etc?

Morning all,

I’ve been through as many topics as I can stomach to see if it’s possible to log-in to SketchUp prior to being prompted so that I can avoid a repeat of a recent encounter… rocked-up on site to complete a pre-fabrication survey only to be prompted to log-in, but no internet available either wi-fi or even 3G/4G etc as the property is out in the sticks.

My understanding is you have to log-in every 30 days or so… is there a way to “refresh” this prior to the expiry of the last login?

Thanks in advance!

I believe, but I’m not certain nor have I tested it but, if you log out and log in again it perhaps resets.

Ha! Yes, that’d make sense… not sure why that didn’t occur to me :grimacing:


Yup - sign out, and sign back in.
That will check out your license for 28 days.
Just to make sure - disconnect from the web, and relauch SketchUp!