Sign in blues

@colin This sign-in thing is getting old. Today is the second time this week I have had to sign in. To add insult to injury SketchUp has been open 24/7 for the last three days. I have lost count of the total number of times I have had to sign in over the last 30 days.


There were things that happened at our end that would account for you having to sign in about 10 days ago, and again about 5 days ago. If you had to sign in twice since last Tuesday, then that would not seem correct.

Things are settled at our end, and you should only see the over 28 days later kind of sign in. If you did have to sign in twice since Tuesday, or sign in again any time soon, let me know what times those were, if you can find them.

You could try this page : License Manager | SketchUp

Memory is short, the most recent was on the 15th about 11 AM to 11:45 AM CDT.