Cannot sign in to SketchUp

Suddenly can’t sign in to SketchUp. Went to open file and got alert in attached jpg. Went to License Manager, clicked the sign in button, nothing happened. Have closed and re-opened, no joy.
I’m on recent MacBook Pro, running MacOS Monterey 12.5.1
Any ideas? Thanks

The wording seems to be more technical that it need be. After 28 days of being signed in you need to sign out and back in again. You can finish working on the file you are in, but can’t start working on a different file until you’ve signed back in again.

Thanks, went through the sign in routine three times but the final click on the blue “Sign In” button had no effect. Seemed the program was hung up in some fashion. Had to force quit sketchup and reboot my computer. Anyway next time the blue button functioned and things got normal again.
Again, Thanks.