Problem on licence server?

Every time today that I start a new model or attempt to edit an existing one, I’ve had to sign in again - half a dozen times in two or three hours.

As I have a fast and pretty reliable internet connection, this is a nuisance but not a show stopper.

But WHY is it happening at all? I’m using SU 2023, and it’s supposed to stay signed in for 28 days at a time.

If I were trying to work offsite without internet, I’ve have been completely stuck.

No reported outages on:

Thanks for that. So the problem is probably not at the server end.

What else can cause this hiccup? I only noticed it yesterday and today - all was normal before then.

This kind of think implies to me that the file on your computer that records when you last signed in is not being updated. On Windows that sometimes happens when SketchUp isn’t installed with the proper permsissions. @colin can probably tell you where that file is on Mac. Perhaps deleting it and signing in again would replace the file and keep you signed in for 28 days.

Thanks @DaveR - makes sense.

But why it’s suddenly started I don’t know. I recently updated SU to the latest 23.1x release, but have not knowingly made any other OS or system changes in the last couple of days.

I’ll see if @colin can tell me what Mac file I need to try to delete.

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In Finder, choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu. Paste in this text:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/login_session.dat

Delete the file that gets selected, then reopen SketchUp. That hopefully will fix any issues with your session data.

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Thanks Colin


I think that’s solved my problem - I haven’t been prompted to sign in again since I deleted the file yesterday.