Sign In sketchup hell

Why is the licensing in Sketchup so shitty.
Trying to sign in to sketchup but only “launch browser again” ■■■■
Not the first time and yes I deleted the login session.dat file

When is there gonna be a decent licensing system

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Did you delete the webcach folder?

In general, the sign in info cookies should be remembered in the (standard) browser that is used.
Tokens are kept in the login.session.dat in the user appdata.
Complicating factors can be that a refreshing environment is used, such as in a virtual environment.

:laughing: excelent


I signed myself out of trimble account. Then tried to sign in in sketchup but still no luck.
I signed myself out of 3d warehouse. Then tried to sign in in sketchup (deleted the login session file first, again) and then it worked.
Trimble Sketchup or SketchUp or Trimble!!! which account is which or is it the same or not.

Why does it has to be so hard :dizzy_face: