Permanent login

I am using Sketchup Viewer on my iPad Pro. From time to time, the app ask me to reconnect which is annoying especially when I am out with clients and without internet connection.
I own a Sketchup Pro subscription. Is there a way to make the login permanent on the app ?
Thank you.

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Agreed. This problem has frustrated me and embarrassed me in front of others so much I simply stopped using it … at all.

It’s every 28 days. If you sign out and sign in again, do you get a fresh 28 days?

As a strange work around, the sign in is needed for AR support. If you don’t need AR, are you able to use the app for longer periods when not signed in with not your Pro email?

I suppose, I didn’t count.

Anyway, every time I am using the app outside from my office (so without internet connection), I get an error message about “connection error”. After dismiss, I am able to use it with the model I loaded. But sometimes, the app ask to login in order to use it and with no internet it is a no go. It happens to me a few times when I had to make a presentation…quite embarrassing.

So until now, I always start the app with the file loaded at the office just before meetings on site to make sure it will work properly.

I am using AR, it is a great feature !

I always sign in with my pro email as my subscription.