Sketchup Viewer on iPad Crashes/won't login

Our contractor uses our sketchup models in the field to explain things to subs. Recently every time he goes to launch sketchup viewer it says his session has expired and is asking him to log into trimble. Since his ipad only connects via wifi, he is unable to connect in the field and can’t access the model. The models he wants to access are saved onto the device itself. Is there any way to bypass the login? Or perhaps “stay logged in”? If I disable wifi to test/ bypass the login screen I can’t even get sketchup to launch, it just quits the app.

This was not a problem with previous versions of Sketchup viewer.

Shetchup viewer version - 5.0.1 (388)
iPad version - 12.2

Ya exactly i am also facing the same issue. Can any one help with this…

Agreed. Utterly worthless now. It’s embarrassed me in front of an Apple employee, potential clients and others.

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