Cannot login to Sketchup Viewer app on ipad ios12.4

Result of login:
“Sorry, unable to sign in. If you forgot password”…(etc)
Password is confirmed and reconfirmed. I can obviously login to Community

Thanks for your help

BTW - why do I need to login to a viewer app to open it??

There is an AR-option which is enabled if you have an active subscription. The subscription is tied to (your) Trimble ID.
If you are in the trial-period of 30 days or have subscribed to SketchUp Shop, Pro or Studio, you can acces that option.

I currently only have the free license and no “subscriptions”… Is it correct to conclude that the Viewer app is only usable for paid subscriptions?

There are several cloud options - can you login to Trimble Connect (using Google Auth, if you have any google account)?

I can login on my PC, but interestingly I cannot on my ipad.