Periodically, components stop behaving as units, and start behaving like ungrouped objects

periodically, components stop behaving as units, and start behaving like ungrouped objects

after maybe some component deletions, or other routine operations, Sketchup 2020.0.373, will stop treating components as single unit, and start treating them like ungrouped geometry.

the problem is easily fixed by saving, exiting and reopening the same file. everything is back to normal.
this has happened more than once, seems to be a daily occurrence. happens to all components in the file at the same time.

Weird. I haven’t seen this behavior reported or myself. When it starts happening, maybe you could do a screen capture video so we can see it?

Do you have any extensions installed like Smustard’s Bomb extension? If so, maybe you accidentally pressed the keyboard shortcut for it.

happened again. got a video

the event started when i inserted a valid component, and afteri applied the scale operation to it. immediately, the behavior started.

in the video, I click on a number of objects. the select tool selects a single face in any number of components. note, all the objects on the screen are components.

i drew a polygon and a line segment inside a component to see if the geometry would merge, and it did not. So the behavior seems to only affect the select tool?

as soon as i finished the little drawing, and going back to the select tool, the behavior stopped.

i have attached a screenshot of my extensions


Can you share the .skp file?

You are using the Quad Face Tools selection tool, it selects quads within groups and components.
The main giveaway is the normal selection tool isn’t highlighted.


Good catch. I can duplicate the behavior with Quad Face tools, too.

So not a bug.

I guess we’ll never know Dave.

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Jeez. Doh! Glad you guys are on the ball…