Clipping problem


Clipping, this is an age-old problem with SketchUp, which just doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It happens for various reasons: geometry too far from UCS, stray geometry that is way far out, etc.

I just wish this could be solved for once and for all. I have this happening on a model I’m busy with at the moment. UCS is fine, no stray geometry that is far out. In fact everything was working fine one minute to the next. I now have a situation where grouped geometry disappears when I enter it, I have various sub-groups, but everything is still well visible until that final double click to enter the particular group. To see what’s happening then I have to zoom all which turns the subject matter the size of half of your little finger nail - totally unworkable.

Drivers are up to date, hardware is rather well specced, plus it was working just fine from one minute to the next. Problem is I need to do some editing to the group in question and will probably not be able to do so now. A real PITA, especially as I’m using SU 2018 Pro and this is a paying job… I have no idea how to fix this so I can do the editing.

C’mon SketchUp, I give you my money every year to stay up to speed with the latest version, why is it that these kind of problems (clipping) cannot be solved?


Is there any chance that you recently changed the setting for Component Edit on the View menu?


No, and this was a group to start off with.

I toggle the view / hide rest of model on / off all the time as needed. Definitely not the problem here.


I have seen this behavior with imported geometry from other cad software, exploding and regrouping whilst still selected after the explode seems to work.


I’ll see if I can somehow explode and re-group. No imported geometry in this file though…


Yep, exploding and re-grouping worked it seems. Thanks Mike.



thanks, not so much a fix as a workaround, shouldn’t be necessary in the first place though


No problem. Yeah, I agree clipping issues are annoying. I think most 3D software has clipping though.