"Make group" with nothing selected causes model to vanish

The “Make Group” command functions without a selection, and it causes your model to simply vanish in this case. It’s quite a shock when you’ve mapped this command to a shortcut and then hit it by accident, only to see all your work vanish in the blink of an eye.

This isn’t a crashing issue, and the work-around is to simply undo once you realize what you have done. But it’s a bit distressing, and it shouldn’t happen. The Make Group command should probably just beep with no selection present.

Maybe Colin can add this one to the to-fix list :slight_smile:

Switch off this to avoid the “simply vanish”…



Interesting. I usually work with that option on because I’m digging into a hierarchy of components and want to get rid of the visual clutter when editing groups/components. In all my years since SketchUp version 1, I have never created an empty group and then built within it, so call me surprised. I would never have thought to model that way, but it makes sense as a method to avoid the merging of geometry.

Time to browse through the docs again and see what other little “features” have slipped past me over the years. I think the inference engine axes locks and the behavior of the shift key were the last changes that caught me off guard :slight_smile:

I can see how that feature would catch you if you weren’t thinking about it. TBH, I haven’t found much use for creating a component before I have the geometry but then I never have loose geometry. I always make a component with the current geometry before I move on to the next part.

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Also this behavior is new, so your past experience didn’t miss it.

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