Performance loss in 2016?


Hi, I’ve been wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue,
I open the same SU drawing in version 2015 and in 2016 only to find that in the 2016 version it becomes choppy and slow when rotating or navigating the scene camera while it stays smooth and easy moving in the 2015 version.
I tried several of my older and newer projects.
Anyone here have similar experience?


Are your display/OpenGL settings the same in both installations?


Good Question, actually with the 2016 installation I am using the default settings, in the 2015 version I enabled maximum textures. I’ll go check and report later.Thanks


Same settings applied in the open GL


Are you sure of that. Check what level of AA is showing in the box and hit the details button to see which Graphics card is being used.
Have you perhaps upgraded to Win10 recently?
I had the situation after upgrading from win7 to win10 that the nvidia card wasn’t being used, no matter how I set it up it used the integrated card.
2015 worked fine and used the nvidia but 2016 wouldn’t. I eventually went back to Win7 as the only way to resolve it.


Hi “Box”, thank you for your reply,
Yes I made sure the AA settings and other attributes to the shader used are identical. I still use Windows 7 on this particular workstation, the monitors are both connected to the same graphic board, the onboard graphics are disabled.
What I suspect is that the new features that were built into the inference engine may be grabbing some of the performance?
What I’ll do is test this on my laptop … I’ll report back asap.
Again, thanks for your input, much apreciated.