Main Display Problems

Hey all. I recently fully reinstalled Windows 10 onto my machine. I reinstalled Sketchup Make 2017 which I use a lot and upon starting I get the crazy pixelation thing. This happened before and I checked the OpenGL in Preferences, removed hardware acceleration which fixed it.
This time around when I open the Open GL window there IS no hardware acceleration to uncheck. I’m stumped. Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to fix this, please?
Thank you!


In previous versions you could dump the rendering duties back to the CPU if your graphics card wasn’t up to the task. With SU2017 that option was removed. Your GPU needs to be able to handle the OpenGL requirements of Sketchup now. Try updating the graphics drivers. That might help.

Thanks for your suggestion, Dave. I’ve just updated the graphics drivers and it’s the same weird pixely nonsense. Any other ideas? I’m not really a tech guy so I’m limited in my knowledge. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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