Graphic Display Issue


Is it possible free sketchup has a time limit. my sketchup screen is all pixelated even when i downloaded new 2016


The software comes with a 30-day trial period. If you downloaded Make, after the trial the Pro features are disabled. If you downloaded Pro, you are then prompted to buy a license. But neither of them messes with your display. What you describe sounds more like a compatibility issue in your display’s OpenGL support.


Not in that sense. A new install of SketchUp Make starts with a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro.
For screen problems, the first thing to try is to update your graphics card driver.



thank you. i forgot to mention i have been using make on this laptop for 3 years and it happened after i downloaded free windows 10. i can not find any update for the GCDriver for this gateway laptop?


how would i fix compatibility issue?


I would like to see a screenshot instead of reading it to be able to understand the problem better.


there you go!


Based on your screenshot: @Anssi and @slbaumgartner are right and it’s a graphic card issue (OpenGL).


Ok thank you any idea how to do that?


it happened after i downloaded free windows 10


You’ve tried this already?


yes but it said none were available i will try again.


You list an AMD card in your profile. Did you try the AMD website? Laptop manufacturers seldom provide driver updated for long after the model has been released.



if no recent video driver of your graphics card is available for Windows 10, you may want disable the display output accelerated by the GPU (= OpenGL) by disabling “Windows > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” for fixing this display issue from inside SU.


holy ■■■■ it worked THANK YOU!!!