Performance issues - Cleanup plugin - Erase hidden geometry - removes all groupings?

please forgive my ignorance . we are troubleshooting random delay issues + crashing
in SKP models on highend systems for a few end-users – RTX 6000 + Xeon systems - updated drivers.

One Model, 279,024,883 Edges 131,741,790 Faces with large delays example “having issues like trying to move an object and it takes 40 minutes)” .

We tried the Cleanup plugin - which lowered the faces/edges count by about 50% with no noticeable difference - file size went down about 100mb (from 500mb) visually looked OK but the end-user complained “it seems some of my groupings were deleted in other views … so it’s not ideal”

does ‘Erase hidden geometry’ cause selection or grouping issues with elements in a model?

Any other tips on how to best lower the element count on large models quickly?

The file is so huge in terms of face and edge count that I doubt if anything can make it go noticeably faster. In my books anything over 1 million faces is big. What is it? A whole city? Is there a forest of 3D trees from the 3D Warehouse? Replacing high-poly entourage elements with simpler ones and turning their tag off might help somewhat.

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