Cleanup3 Issue - lines dissapear



Hello Gurus,

I have a nighmarish non-face situation, I can’t get this puppy to close no matter what I do. I’m attempting to use the Cleanup3 plugin to make it into a well behaved object, but when I choose ‘erase stray edges’ the whole thing dissapears. I’ve spent a few hours noodling and would love some expert advice.

Much appreciation to the masters and thanks for the great plugins Thom Thom!



How about uploading the file so we can see what you are working on and to give us some hope of helping you.


Ah, good idea, thank you Dave.

here’s the troublesome shapes. I’m trying to model some cabinets into an air-stream. These were both created by taking section cuts (using the create groups from a section plane option.

This is my first foray into complex shapes in SKP and I’m a little out of my depth. My airstream ‘twinkie’ looks good, but I believe is yeilding bad section cuts and creating all sorts of headaches.

Any help would be most appreciated.

troublesome.skp (178.6 KB)


Is this what you meant to send? If so, since those edges don’t belong to any faces, they are all stray edges so it’s no wonder CleanUp3 deletes them.


yup, those are 2 objects I am trying to work with, One as a face and one as a line. Neither is behaving properly. I isolated them bc my main model is a mess. I believe they have the same disease, but I’m not educated enough to know.

I’ve tried:

  • weld plugin
  • curvizard - make curve (weld)
  • Make Faces 1.4

Is there a way to make them not stray edges?


You won’t be able to get a face inside that bottom shape because the edges are not coplanar. Notice the Z-values. I would suggest redrawing it but start by drawing a large rectangle as a working surface. Then erase the outer edges of the rectangle when the loop for the shape of the thing is completed. And with that loop of edges bounding a face, they’ll no longer be considered stray edges.


Thanks Dave! very insightful (and frustrating) Whats frustrating is that the shape was generated by the section plane tool, which I foolishly assumed would give me a perfectly flat section, do you think I was in error? or perhaps I mangled it by moving it around?

May I ask you for a few more moments of your time?
Would you mind looking at the arch and telling me if it has the same issue???
May I ask how you generated those coordinates :))
Do you think the ‘flatten’ plugin would be worth my money? Or is there another way to get these things flat?

Thank you so much for your time.

With humility, Ben


I suspect that might have been why the lines became un-coplanar.

The arc had some issues with the edges. I have used Edge Tools by Thomthom to address that issue.

Also, displaying coordinates, I suspect @DaveR has used another tool, but the one I was using was called Coords by TIG. @DaveR often knows better tools :grin:

I personally don’t think you would need flatten plugin if you have basics down in terms of modifying geometry and using references correctly. Also, there are other tools that are free and does somewhat of “flattening”


Sorry for the delay. I got called away from the computer and didn’t get back until now.

@josephkim626 seems to have things identified for you.

I just used the native Text tool to place them. No need for a plugin.

It might be but I would be inclined to look at my modeling process before I’d throw money at a tool I’m not likely to need more than once or twice. Flatten is a great tool when you are importing 3D CAD files of 2D drawings in which the Z values aren’t the same.


Hi everyone, sorry about the delay, I wanted to report back and say that operator error was indeed the issue, NOT an issue with Cleanup 3. Thank you Dave and Joseph for the legup! This has been an educational process.

Just in case someone is facing the same challenge, and finds this thread, here’s what I was trying to do: draw a 2d shape that matches the negative space between a complex compound curve and another solid (in this case the wall of an airstream trailer and a bench we’re installing inside)

To generate this shape I did the following:

  • aligned the bench and the airstream model where I wanted them
  • Cut a section from the solid using the section plane tool -> generate group from section.
  • exploded the resulting group of lines in a separate document and welded them together with curvizard weld, which cleaned up a bunch of mess generated by the airstream model
  • Used make faces plugin.

hope this is helpful to someone!