Faces vanishing and lines not planar?



Hi. Please see my attached conundrum. I’m trying to continue the pattern of ‘holes’ to finish off this mesh. I’m pushing up against a weird problem when I create lines to create a face to ‘push-pull’ out of existence, it doesn’t work. The lines are snapping to points but they wont create faces in the same plane and seem to be spreading some weird disease of faces across as I try to fix it.

Any advice would be welcome.


No conundrum attached to see.


I rotated the geometry onto the red axis and it seems to work ok.
I’d make the whole thing 2d then pull to thickness myself.


Great yeah thanks.

Glad it works for you. Have you checked the back face to see if it’s still intact?


I don’t know how you can work with white on white, but yes all intact.


Why don’t you like white on white?


Because you can’t tell what is a face and what is a hole.


I know my faces from my holes


Fair enough, I’m just blind and need the contrast.
Hope you don’t mind, did a version with two plugins.


No I only joking. I normally keep to white on white because I like a clean viewport but you’re right it’s harder. I got TIG’s offset tool (from the Sketchucation Plugin Store) just yesterday I believe. Going to find lots of uses for it I reckon. Thanks again


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