Can't work with Skp because of all the Freezing/pausing PLZ help!

Can’t work with Skp because of all the Freezing/pausing PLZ help!

This was happening with the 2016 version as well but now its worst, when I move my mouse any where it freezes for 1min or longer, Below is a snap shop of the plugins I currently have enabled

What does Model Info statistics show?

Though it could be from an extension, the sort of delay you describe is most often due to either a massive amount of geometry or a very large texture image.

Yes, 5 million edges and 2 million faces are going to cause almost any computer to choke! You should take a close look at where all those are coming from and see whether the are excessive detail that you could simplify.


lol yes that makes sense, ill have to also check other unfinished projects to look for high number just to be make, but yes makes perfect sense

FYI: this is a common issue when components are imported from the 3d Warehouse. There are a lot of models on the 3dW that are ridiculously over-detailed.

that explains a lot, than you, I’ve ben saying to my self “I’m only half way through and its not a huge house” but I love the 3d Warehouse, is there a simple way to clean up each import without having to know coding ?

No coding needed!

The general advice is to download an EW model into a separate SketchUp file, not directly into your real model. Then examine it to see how “heavy” it is and whether it can easily be simplified. You should always use model info->Statistics to purge unused, as the model’s author may have left cruft in there. There are also clean-up extensions that can do a more thorough job and can do things such as merging coplanar faces.

But in the end, too many of the EW models do things like:

  • use hundreds of segments for arcs that would look just fine with fewer. This multiplies because surfaces generated from the arcs likewise get too many faces.
  • model tiny details that are too small to see (I once saw a model of a car that had over 5,000 edges in the license plate alone! In house models I often see things like a table lamp with thousands of edges and faces.)
  • model interior details that are invisible except in section cuts and xray view
  • include multiple copies of very detailed groups or components (models of trees and plants are particularly notorious for this)

Often for models with these sorts of flaws, it is easier to take basic shapes and sizes off the model and then start over on your own! Fixing an over-detailed model can be tedious and time-consuming.

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