Performace lags when both SketchUp and Firefox are open. Why?

very slow rendering of models while both SketchUp and Firefox are open. Any hints on how to remedy the problem. As soon as I close Firefox the rendering is lightning fast. SketchUp8 ran great while Firefox was open. Problem began with SketchUp2015.

SketchUp15, version 15.3.331 64-bit
Nvidia GeForce GT 620 (with current drivers)
Windows 7 pro (up-to-date)
Firefox 40.0.2


Not sure just yet,… I’d open up the task manager and take note of what the activity levels are.

That might provide the first clue as to whats going on in the background.

Fx does by default configure a hardware acceleration for doing the rendering of the HTML output on the GPU… which may lead to problems if the driver of the video card is sub-par (e.g. integrated GPUs) or another application is doing the same (OpenGL).

Try if disabling the hardware acceleration in Fx fixes the issue:

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thanks for the input, I’ll give it a try.