Sketchup 2015 Performance issue -Serious lag in viewport

Hello. I just installed Sketchup 2015 and its performance is terrible! I cannot even rotate the views with just a single rectangle without considerable lag in the viewport. I have the latest drivers for my Quadro 2000 and have Hardware acceleration turned on. What can be done to fix this?

Make sure the Outliner is closed.

Try switching HW Accel. off.

Thanks. Turning off the HW Accel did the trick, which is odd since I had read that it was recommended to keep it on. I don’t know what the outliner is or how to turn it off, but it doesn’t seem to be the issue.

If your computer is a laptop, make sure that the Quadro card is assigned for SketchUp in the Nvidia control panel. Also check for an update to the Quadro driver.