Sketchup won't start up on Firefox as of yesterday

I’ve been using Sketchup on Firefox for many months without too much trouble. Yesterday I left my desk for an hour and when I got back my screen was hazy with a wheel spinning. After letting it spin for an hour or more I closed the window. I tried to get back to working on my model on Firefox but Sketchup won’t start. The red icon just pulses. I opened Sketchup on Chrome. It will open this same drawing file but as soon as it saves it crashes and I get an ‘oh snap!’ The file is large (185MB) so that may be the problem there. But, my main concern is trying to get Sketchup to open on Firefox.

Can you start a new file via Firefox?

185MB does sound pretty large. Surely there’s unused stuff you can purge from it. Maybe you could share the file so we could see if there’s a problem with it.

I have seen this with Chrome before, and the fix there is to clear some of the cache that WebGL is using. Hopefully Firefox can be fixed in the same way. Here’s an article that covers several browsers:

I’ve seen a lot of “oh snap” reports about Chrome recently, that may not be SketchUp specific.

Can you see any errors if you open the console (Menu > Web Developer > Web Console)? The app should never have to load more than a minute or so. It is possible you are running out of memory, which clearing your cache may help.

Thanks for your responses! I downloaded CCleaner and ran it. Restarted computer and was able to get Sketchup to start with Firefox.

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