Memory Error in Firefox

When trying my.sketchup in Firefox I always get bugsplat thingy saying Sketchup has crashed when loading the app. There isn’t any error message, just a form asking me what I was currently doing. When I look in the console there is an error saying “uncaught exception: out of memory”. Everything seems to work as expected in Google Chrome on the same machine.

I’m running Firefox 49.0.1 on Windows 7. Graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M.

Any ideas why it’s not working?

How big is your model? Memory management in a browser tab is a bit more restrictive than it is for a desktop application.


Hi John

This happens wen loading the web app before there even is any model.

I also have about 52 tabs open now that maybe use quite a bit of memory.

You might want to try again after shutting a few of those tabs down :wink:

I also get a TypeError some second before the out of memory error.

That is easier said than done. I have half-read forum posts, different potential solutions to code problems I’ve encountered, an invoice I need to pay but can’t because it’s lacking information, a few books I may be just about to order and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m not done with and can’t close. I tried to open a new browser window but it seems to be running in the same thread and I encountered the exact same problem there.

Try bookmarking the tabs you need to return to later - then you can close them and easily get back to them.

What memory usage does the win task manager report for the Firefox session without using my.SketchUp?

About 1 GB. Maybe there’s a limit how much RAM FF can use. There is however enough RAM left to run multiple instances of desktop Sketchup without any issues.

Would you be willing to try another web browser (maybe, Chrome) to see if it manages memory better for you?


As I said in the original post it works just fine in Chrome. Today when I tried I got it to run in 4 browser simultaneously , including Firefox (!). This however caused a bit of lag :stuck_out_tongue: .