Getting memory - Out of memory

I have been using SketchUp Pro for some time. I was working on a project and I started getting out of memory error. I didn’t get this error before. I cannot move group of object now can you please suggest me how can I solve it. My system speed is also slow now.

I also cleared my temp folder and cleared browser history to Solve this issue. I am using a HP 672631-S21 Memory. I also checked in my task manager it is also showing full memory when I open and use sketchup software.

Can you share the model that is causing this? Otherwise we are just guessing.

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Have you purged the model from what isn’t used anymore? Like components and tags and materials? In that order!

This will have no effect on the memory usage of a stand-along desktop application such as SketchUp Pro 2021 that your profile indicates you use. Exiting out of any other significant applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.) will free up memory, if you are running other applications concurrently with SketchUp.

Before you launch (open) SketchUp, what percentage of memory does the Task Manager show as free?

It is entirely possible this is an issue with the OS. See this link