Sketchup Pro Slowdown

Good day!

I have been working on Sketchup for quite some time now and yesterday a pop up of Sketchup asking if I should allow it through the firewall or not came up and I ignored it and pressed Escape.

Now after this has happened, my sketchup slowed down significantly.

I has been so annoying that even opening a new file is slow and the Lag is quite major despite not having this problem beforehand. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem as I have and if anyone knows a fix for this problem. I’m having a hard time working on my stuff because of this problem.

Thank you very much.


I did a quick search for other threads about popups and firewall related to Sketchup but nothing seemed to match. I’ve never heard of Sketchup popups talking about firewalls, so can’t help you but maybe someone who has had similar issues will respond soon for you. If not, I hope that a Sketchup Team Member might help you tell you whether this is Sketchup or if it might be your computer. I hope for your sake it’s not a weird trojan or something…

Firewall implies the program tried to access Internet in background. Are your updates turned off? Or perhaps you tried to access the Extension or 3D Warehouses through the program? Check you hardware acceleration settings through Window > Preferences > OpenGL.

Another use of the internet in SketchUp Pro, starting with 2016 I believe, is the Generate Report… feature. When connected to the internet, the report generator is downloaded as Java (or similar) code which allows for occasional updates to the generator logic and features. (If not connected to the internet, SketchUp Pro reverts to its compiled-in generator code as in prior versions.)

I just checked, and even though I am not doing anything besides editing a local model, SketchUp has recently used four connections to the Internet. They are now closed, which suggests to me that SU probed something as it launched.