Pencil + Hover + Measurement

Long time pro user here, new to iPad version but mostly really pleased with it. However… One of my use cases is drawing rooms live with a laser measuring device, so exact measurements are crucial. I was hoping I could do this on the iPad rather than haul around the computer with the mouse…

This works great EXCEPT hover + measurement box is FRUSTRATING. I don’t mind drawing lines with hover turned off (draw line then adjust exact length), but I lose other functionality I like. With it on, I click to start a line, make sure it’s pointed in the right direction and then go to the measurement box to put in exact length. However, more often then not, the line changes direction if it detects the hover outside of the measurement box and ends up drawing in the wrong direction, GRRR.

I would love it if the direction of the line would lock until the measurement box is closed… anyone else having issues with this? Anything I’m missing to make this functionality better?


In preferences turn of Draw continuous lines.
Then draw a line, and after that adjust the length


Haven’t tried a tablet but I’d have to source one and after the iPad Pro purchase I would rather not have to do that, haha. Good to know though, thanks for sharing your experience!

Omg, this works. Didn’t think to try that. Yay, thanks!!