PDF exported from Layout contains different fonts




I’ve read a few threads discussing this issue, but I haven’t seen any permanent fixes or workarounds. When exporting a finished layout document to PDF, my fonts get substituted. I was getting past the issue by using the “print to file” option in the print system dialog. The fonts aren’t substituted and appear correctly this way. The issue is my max paper size using this method is 11x17. Once I move to larger paper sizes I have no way of saving my drawings to a readable format for others.

SketchUp Pro 2018
Windows 10
GeForce GTX 1060

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


Bahnschrift font display problem in PDF files

What font are you using? Can you upload a LayOut file that exhibits this behavior?


Bahnshrift and its variations. It is a newer font (introduced with windows 10 i think) so could it be a pdf viewer issue? As in the viewer doesn’t support it?

Blank titleblock layout file:
A1_floorplans.layout (168.9 KB)


Looks like that may be the issue. It’s a variable font, and not all adobe software supports it yet.


You’re probably right. I’m seeing the same thing.

Can you change the font for your template?


Yea, I could use a different font, but I’d like to use this one if possible…


I get that. I wonder how long it would take Adobe to catch up.


I’m wondering tho about the print to file option workaround. I’ll look into that and see what kind of results I get. Fingers crossed.


the chances are the font licence doesn’t allow embedding into the PDF produced by LayOut, many don’t…

the ‘System’ print to file shouldn’t have that restriction on a system font, but sometimes they do…

there are actually very few fonts that will render true in other ‘brand’ software/hardware…

even printers have to pay to use fonts, new fonts are often missing for years…