PDF export writes zero file size

Hi, always when I directly export from Sketchup Pro to PDF it creates a file with 0 KB (zero) size.
The problem persists since update to the version prior than 21.1.332 64 Bits which I use now.

Might be something in the used template.
Can you share one?

I found that when I try to export with Styles / Profiles off, it creates a zero KB PDFPDF Export zero.skp (368.5 KB)

I unistalled Sketchup and swiched back to Version 21.0.391
PDF Export is working again, but I would like to use the new version.

This is what I see in Adobe Reader after exporting a PDF of your file from SketchUp. This is with 21.1.332

Have you tried exporting from LayOut?

You might try reinstalling this version making sure you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator.

Also try updating the graphics drivers after getting the latest ones directly from Nvidia.

I am also having this same problem trying to export line work for my building plans. What’s weird is that I have been able to export a different file with the same settings just fine, but when trying to export as PDF from the problem file, it just exports a 0kb pdf file that gets the ole “adobe could not open name of file because it is either not a supported file type or…” blah blah blah.

Things I have already tried:
reinstalling SketchUp
reinstalling adobe acrobat
copying the model to an entirely different file and retrying export
exporting another files plan drawing (successfully)
exporting as eps, dwg – both ending in the “bug splat” message, which I have also filled out with my name and email, but have yet to get an email response.
using layout and trying to export from there, no bueno.

Note: Printing to pdf is not an option because I need the vector lines to be able to edit in Illustrator afterward.

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