Help, error with 2D export

Hi, please help me i cant export my file i don’t now where is the problem I want to export to 2D Picture from my Sketch please help
002.skp (5.6 MB)

In which format? Do other models work?
Make sure that you are running the latest maintenance version of SketchUp. You can also try repairing your SketchUp installation: right-click on the installer application, select “Run as administrator” from the context menu, and when prompted, select the “Repair” option.
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At work so I cannot check your file right now.

Hi, sir
In which format?
from .skp to 2D .pdf ,
Do other models work?
the other models is okay only this file that having error not responding each time I export them.
also I already repair but still have the same situtation.

do you really need it as pdf ?
If sketchup is not responding, it doesn’t mean it crashed. Your model is complex and exporting it to vectors will take some time. It will eventually become responsive again once it’s done.

you may consider using layout to export it or export it to jpg instead (note that when you export to jpg, you can set the output resolution instead of the default “use view size” box checked, in the export options dialog)

The file does fail to export to PDF on Mac and Windows, in 2021 and 2022. That seems wrong, and I will create a bug report about it.

An alternative to using LayOut to do the export would be to Print instead. Use the Microsoft to PDF option on Windows, or export as PDF on Mac. Both of those work quickly.

I found the problem happens in 2017 as well. I created bug report SU-50731 in our system.

How long did you let it run? It has millions of edges and faces.

For me, it took more than an hour to complete, but it succeeded.
002.pdf (1.2 MB)

That’s good to know. Quite likely that I didn’t give it an hour. Still seems a long time compared to LayOut export or Print to PDF.

How long did you let it run? maybe like ten minutes till twenty
thanks you very much sir @anssi , @colin

it took 50 minutes here to export the right view
right view.pdf (1.9 MB)

that is because LayOut PDF export is rasterizing everything but the visible lines/profiles, in hybrid mode. (default mode being raster, which basically would be the same than exporting to Jpg) Sketchup is creating a PDF where every single face is converted to an object. (just like vector mode in LO)
with complex models like this one, you end up with thousands of coloured triangles and it takes a long time to build the file.
Perhaps the option that LayOut offers (in sketchup model tray > raster - hybrid - vector) should be implemented in sketchup PDF export options, along with warnings those different methods can bring up

thanks sir for the help