PDF Export from LayOut 2019 (Diagonal Lines)

Hi Friends,

SU & LO 2019 Pro Classic
Win10 Pro
Adobe Acrobat XI v 11.0.23

When exporting from LO to PDF, a random diagonal line appears only in the PDF output. See image sequence below. Any ideas what might be causing the unwanted line?

SU scene ‘Floor Plan’


File…Export from LO to PDF

PDF output with random diagonal line

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.


This is a known issue and the LO team are working on a solution for it.

Thanks Dave. I thought something was wrong with my SU model…knowing this is a bug will now allow me to stop spending time trying to figure out the problem. Appreciate your very prompt reply. Regards. Goda

Not a great option but one thing you could do to get around it is to draw a rectangle in LO to cover over the diagonal. Give it white fill but turn off stroke. Again, not ideal but it’s a quick and dirty fix that could keep you going at least until the issue gets sorted.

Good luck.

Great idea. That will work fine for my purposes at this time. Much appreciated, Dave.

Quite welcome. I would suggest making a layer above the layer with the viewports but below your dimension layer for any of these rectangles. That will help you keep them separate.

:+1: will do!