Payment Issue - From India

With new E-Mandate by the RBI implementation. Can you suggest on how to do a subscription payment from India? as all transaction from my Credit Card and PayPal is being declined and the bank suggest the Vendor to resolve this issue with the payment mode.
I really hope for a resolution soon.
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Buy from a local distributor instead directly.

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I agree, but the whole point of online subscription payment is to get things done faster minimum steps in between.

Very disappointed by Trimble’s inaction and Poor service. The local distributor is not able to provide solution to my area and the Trimble personal doesn’t think its necessary to respond or even acknowledge to my 3 emails for a urgent solution in the past 1 week. Moreover having a live project that requires me to use Sketchup.

This disinterest in India as a market is disheartening as this experience is not the first. Also as being paid subscriber, I will not suggest paid subscription of Sketchup to anyone henceforth.