Pattern fill drop down format boxes are obscured

The pattern fill format boxes have their drop down menus obscured by the bottom of the window - this has been going on for years. Perhaps no one else is seeing it or it is a bug?! The scale drop down is obscured in this screen shot. Altering the size of the window makes no difference.

Have you tried pulling the title bar for Layers down a bit?

Which version of 2019?

That looks like the Mac UI. The layers window should snap to the bottom of the Pattern Fill window, but depending on how you placed them you can cause them to overlap. As @DaveR suggested, try grabbing the Layers title bar and moving it down a bit.

Do you have scaled resolution set to other than 100%…150% ?

Yeah this also happens with my Layout 2019 install. Seems to be a bug on the Mac version.

I took a closer look, and indeed, the dropdown menu for the scale opens underneath the adjacent panel when they are snapped together (it goes on top when they are nearby but not snapped). This does seem to be a bug.

Yes, but it then breaks away. If I move it back it does snap together properly and isn’t overlapping. Resizing using the grab handle makes no difference. Latest version 3 (but it’s being doing it for years).

I don’t know what you mean by ‘scaled resolution’.

This looks like a bug - do I report it direct to SU?

About ‘scaled resolution’ ...

It’s the Mac equivalent of Windows Display Scaling.

SketchUp supports up to 150% display scaling. Users with UHD, 4K or 5K displays often have it set higher. This can cause issues with controls in dialogs and the inspector panels.

I think they’ve been told about this. I’ll move this into the Technical Problems category.


Ah, I see. I’m running a 27" iMac with 5k screen (5120 x 2880) with a 27" Apple LED Cinema Display (2560 × 1440). They’re both set to defaults ie not scaled. The issue happens on either screen.

The Mac version of scaled resolution is where you choose Default for display or Scaled. I think most people are on default, but scaled doesn’t affect this symptom anyway.

You see the problem if Pattern Fill is snapped to the bottom of something. If it’s the top panel of a set of snapped together panels, you get the menu ok.

Other cases where there is a drop down menu in the same position of its panel do not have this problem.


I didn’t realise that if it’s the top panel of a set of snapped together panels, you get the menu ok, and that does work for me. I’ve moved mine to the top as a temporary measure until such time as the bug is sorted. It does mess up my preferred tray layout though.