Layout 2017 Bug - Palette dropdown issue - MacOSX

This is just a small annoying bug, but a bug none the less.

This is running Layout 2017 on SierraOS: In Layout in the Pattern Fill palette, when you move the palette out and then snap it back into the other palettes, the drop-down options for rotating and scaling the fill pattern become obscured by the palette below it, rather than appearing over the top of the palette below. Hard to explain but see attached image.

It seems to reset itself and work correctly when you close Layout down and restart, so it is just a little time wasting issue.

That is annoying… In this screen shot, is the “SketchUp Model” dialog snapped to the bottom of the “Pattern Fill” dialog?


Yes it is. You have to unsnap it and move it away in order to see all of the items on the drop-down.

Great, we’ll take a look.