Pattern applied in SketchUp looks light and blurry when exported to LayOut

Hi, I would like to know if it’s normal that the pattern I apply in sketchup, look light and blurry when exported in layout. This is so time loss to apply again new pattern in layout. Heres an image showing the differences. I am on macOS Catalina now but the problem I’ve always been.

Thank you for your help.

Can you upload a LayOut file that shows this issue?

Is the LayOut viewport render set to Raster, Vector or Hybrid ? (Try Hybrid.)

Yes, here a file and a PDF export. Test pattern.pdf (343.3 KB) Test pattern.layout (995.7 KB)

The viewport change the line richness but don’t change anything on the pattern

Try changing your doc. rendering resolution in LO…file…document setup…paper…rendering resolution…default is Medium.
Setting this higher will have cost in that re-render of viewports will take longer depending on your graphics card performance/power.

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Thank you for your reply! This is pretty much better like that! Still not perfect for me but, clearly better. But my question is: Is it the same problem for all of you? I’m the only one who’ve notice that ?

Thanks again.