Pathcopy equivalent to 2022 MacOS?

Pathcopy or equivalent (Native Tool) to Sketchup 2022 MacOS?

PathCopy works in SketchUp 2022. You could also use CopyAlongCurve or Component Stringer from the Extension Warehouse.

Example of CopyAlongCurve in action:

PathCopy in action in SU2022.

Untitled.skp (3.2 MB)
Somehow I messed up “Face Alignment” with Axes…Tried to re-create top arch with PathCopy. Still needed ROTATE?

Think SketchPlus would do better? Or was I missing something?

PathCopy isn’t supposed to rotate the copies. Use CopyAlongCurve like I showed in the thread I linked to.


Thank-You so much!

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