Path copy alternative


After following a link on sketchupessentials which is great, I was hoping to download the extension path copy so that i could copy a wraought iron gate bar, along a curved line…and this looked perfect.

However its not compatable with my operating system or version of sketch up,

Anyone know an equivalent way to copy an object along a path?

thanks in advance!

Did you try it or just stop after reading that warning.
Path Copy works fine.

just stopped after the reding the warning…im a coward.

It’s a poor error message. Try it, if it doesn’t work on mac just remove it.

Plug-in authors who haven’t updated their plug-in recently may forget to update the compatibility information when a new version of SU comes out. But mostly they still work, so it’s always worth trying.

I have path copy up and running in SU20 and 21, I can confirm it works fine in both. Agreed, the message is poorly worded and really implies strict incompatibility, when it means “unconfirmed”.