Can't Update From SU PRO 2022 to SU PRO 2023

I Have a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon M1 Pro, and I’m trying to update from the SU Updater but it always prompt an error of no internet connection available even if I’m 100% connected.

Download and install the SU2023 could be an option but I will lose all the setting and plugin installs.

Any solution?

Thank you!

Any way you download it, 2022 and 2023 will result to separate installations. Plugins are not automatically transferred from the old install to the new, you have to use the Extension Manager or the equivalent SketchUcation tool to re-install them. I don’t know about the Mac, but on the PC compatible application settings are copied from the old to the new version.

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On the Mac also your custom keyboard shortcuts will come over. After you install SketchUp 2023 correctly, install your extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you have the latest versions and that they are installed properly.

Thank you !

I will just reinstall everything fresh new then.

Have a great day!