Path Copy problems

I have a loco which I am in the stage of applying rivet detail.
I have setup some hexes which act as basic rivets components.
I can then place these accurately on the model and do a component swap at a later date when I need to print it.
I offset a panel and use the offset line and use PathCopy to run the rivets around.
As you can see from the result, some rivets are correct, others change direction.
The hex axis is the same as world axes.

Any help pse?

Rivets.skp (159.5 KB)

With Path Copy plugin

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Thanks Mihai. When I alter the hex axes it changes all the components axes. Will this cause problems later when I replace the hexes with proper rivets?
Or is the solution once the hexes are placed with PathCopy, go and change the hexes axes back ?

I think I just worked it out. After I have done the PathCopy the hex axes must be changed back or everything goes wrong.

It’s not necessary to change the axis again, it won’t affect the model at all in your case, but you can do it if you want.

I did try component replacement and the swapped component changed the rotation of the the hexes.
I will just change back the axes as the sketch is setup for the axes swap.
Hundreds of rivets to go on the loco so I have to have a full proof system