Path copy exension

Good morning, I’m trying to use the pathcopy ext for a fence to follow a path on a floor of a building. The fence is broken in to short parts and need to be aligned with the path. Each time I’ve used the extension in this model and others the object results in staggered manner where it is at an angle or perpendicular to the path instead. Sometimes an object will align. The file is posted below and the "Path copy " ext is listed under the Extensions tab and 2nd from the last on the list. Thanks for any help !

BENCH ASSY - Copy.skp (3.7 MB)

the model under part “B” was done manually with the fence sections which is time consuming when the extension tool was not working for me. Part A is ready to apply the path copy ext but results in staggered arrangement

The geometry in the group is angled in the bounding box. PathCopy aligns the copies by the group or componet’s axis/boundning box alignment. Make your group correctly with the bounding box aligned with the geometry inside. Then the copies will be aligned the way you want them.
Screenshot - 10_28_2022 , 12_43_32 PM

Is the Axis tool which is part of Sketchup the right option for aligning in the bounding box? Yes I can see how the object is angled

If you have the Group open for editing you can use the Axis tool. It seems to me that you would save yourself a lot of work if your fence element was a component instead of a group. If I was tasked with creating your fence the first thing I would do is explode the group, make sure the geometry is aligned with the model axes and then create a component. The axes will then align correctly, too.

Thanks that seems easier, as I know there are a lot of work arounds and options, and probably other extensions developers. The “Follow-me” tool was another option, but would mean I have to use only the “face” to project it and probably would lose the detail after its extruded…

I’ll try this option of dismantling the group as you mentioned and start over from scratch by creating it into a “Component” , Thanks ! !

If you have to do this sort of thing fairly often you might also look at Profile Builder 2. It will let you set up an assembly to run along a path.

I haven’t yet used Profile builder, but I’ll research it for future tasks similar to this.
thanks again !