Copy along complex path controlling its direction

I’m trying to do a cactus, and I got “trouble” placing the needles on it. The idea was to use some copy along a path or similar extensions to avoid placing them manually, but unfortunately, I don’t achieve placing them on the right direction (perpendicular to the cactus surface) with the extensions I tried.

I attempted it with the following extensions:

-“path copy” from mustard team.
It gives me a strange result, because at some points it drastically changes the direction of the copied object.

-“copy along curve” from Anton_S.
The result is not that bad, but the direction stays the same for every copied object.

-“JHS powerbar” using the icons “Copy Comps Path” and “Copy along Path” from Cad father.
The first one gives me quite the same result as “path copy” from smustard team.
The second just places two or three copies, don’t really know why.

-“component stringer” from Chris Fullmer.
Again quite same result as “path copy” from smustard team.

If some one has any idea how I could achieve copying the needles with the same space in-between and also with the right direction (perpendicular to the surface), would really appreciate it.

I also attach the .skp file. (Notice that inside the group of the needles is also the path itself) .

cactus needle copies.skp (422.4 KB)

Thanks for answering. just tried changing the axis, but the result isn’t still what I want. Rotation starts fine but it goes in the wrong direction through the path

“Skatter” for Sketchup has a lot of control for placing this type of item.

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Thanks! that worked well :slight_smile: