Pasting Image onto cylinder

So I have this cylinder here, its an exploded part. I want to paste this logo onto the cylinder, but when I do this it repeats itself in both z-directions of the part. How can I just do one logo that doesn’t repeat itself and smush the image?

Steps im using:
Import photo as a texture, size the photo approxiately on the cylinder, then when I click - the problem arises. Thanks guys

First create a rectangle on the cylinder the size of the label and then apply that texture only in that area.

Would you please embelish on that point? Does the logo need to be an image or texture? How do I make a rectangle the exact size of the logo?

When I tried to do that this is what happened

Trying to make the rectangle on the surface of the cylinder right now. Harder than it looks - I made an arc on the top and extruder it down. Was going to trying moving the whole arc shape down but I dont think im able to.

Once I have the arc established on top, how do turn it into a rectangle and position it where I need it?

Here is another way…



Just use Chris’s method. It’s more straightforward.

That’s how I was going to say to do it as well.

Chris, thank you for this method. I’ve just got one problem left with the image being wonky.The logo is a texture with projections off. Any ideas?

For my method, the texture should be set as a “projected texture”. This is the default when you first explode an image. Right click on on the flat image and select Texture > Projected. If you could upload the cylinder and the image, we can take a look.


Nevermind chris i got it! thank you very much