Part of a component not visible


I have the problem that a part (who’s also a component) of a component is not visible.

  • The status Hidden of the component is false
  • In outliner the component is active
  • The layer is active

Any thoughts?


Is there any invisible layer?
Is the component’s contents assigned to visible layer?


No invisible layers and the components content is assigned to visible layers…


In the View/Hidden geometry mode do you see that part ? If yes, just navigate to it and then Edit/Unhide all or select it right click/Unhide.


We need more info. The model or at least a screen shot otherwise it is just random guesses.


You see at the printscreen that the component is not hidden according to Outliner… The component that is missing belongs in the middle of the grey axis


I’m afraid that image doesn’t tells us much. I still think we need to see the model itself. I suspect it’s a layer issue.
If you can’t post the model for some reason give us a screenshot of the layers.
But still without the model it is guessing in the wind.


Just a guess. Do you have the Hide box ticked in Model Info>Components? Although they don’t show as hidden in the Outliner, components can be hidden while another component is open for editing.


@Louis, as said, forum members need the model to better understand the issue.

To add one more to all the other guesses (just to show that there’s another possibility):

  • there’s also ‘Hide rest of model’, so one could enter a component’s editing context and another component (geometrically) inside the opened component seems to disappear.

Please share the model as skp.


I can’t post the model. Hide box isn’t ticked in en all the layers are ticked on. what else could be wrong whit the layers…?


You’ve given us almost nothing to go on and you’re expecting us to diagnose your problem.

Your screen shot shows quite a few components that are hidden.

Make the same screen shot with hidden geometry turned on in the view menu.


Are you not allowed to share the model? Or is the file size too big? Or…?

My guess doesn’t involve ‘Hidden Geometry’, nor does it have anything to do with (in-)visible layers. It’s just something quite different that could be going on.


can you copy paste the problem component into another drawing and post just that?



Problem.skp (491.0 KB)

I copied the problem in a new file, thanks for the tip. It’s about the component Boddy Cuuter block. You see he’s not hided in ouliner but not visible

Thanks in advance


the less than 1mm diameter shaft is in the drawing…
is this what your ‘missing’?

set ‘Model Info >> Components >> Hide rest of Model’ then select it in ‘Outliner’ then ‘Right Click’ >> ‘Reset Scale’…



Yeah, that’s it. Thank you


In addition to the cutter block, it appears that the knives and riving knives (Spouwmes) are also scaled down too small to see.


Yeah i know, thanks everyone for the help