Paper space drawing in AutoCAD

I am in SU Mac 2020, and am in paper space and when I try to dimension, my scale is enlarged. I cannot seem to figure out how to change this. Help…

Paper space?

Are you working in SketchUp or in LayOut?

I assume LayOut since there is no paper space in SketchUp. Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

Paper Space. I have 2 paper space pages open and the first i have no issues with the 2nd when i dimension it, the scale is super large.

What program are you talking about? You posted this in the SketchUp category and mention SketchUp but SketchUp doesn’t have paper space.

Can you confirm that you are using Layout? It’s important to understand your question.

oops, sorry AutoCAD. I am working too hard.

OK. So if you are working in AutoCAD this isn’t a problem with SketchUp or LayOut. I’ll move it to the appropriate category.

Ha, this forum is the best, we answer Autocad questions too! Maybe we should offer relationship advice. Any program, any problem, bring it here…


Don’t get involved. Self-quarantine. :smiley:

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