Panorama 360* uploading and downloading

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I hope it’s not a silly question. How do you upload and download panoramic renders so that you can have it on your PC and share it to the customer but privately? Most of the websites offering panorama uploading only allow to upload but not to download. And obviously I don’t want to share it on Facebook, Twitter etc. I want to be able to move around my panoramic renders but not online. Whenever I try to google the answer all I get is an advice on how to upload 360* photos to Facebook and that’s exactly the opposite of what I am looking for! :slight_smile:


For a standalone application there’s VLC360 (.org) which might work (i havent yet figured out if it can do JPGs, as it seems to focus more on formats from phones and gopros, etc.

I’ve used few different applications like Marzpano, Pano360 Viewer , KRPano, and Pano Tools which can display a 360 deg image in a web browser , however they also allow you to store your file locally (so the web browser would point to your a file such as C:/My Documents/Panorama.jpg
They’re not free, usually they cost $50 or so but you get free trials. most should work with different formats of 360 panorama also .

Most panorama images are plain image files (.jpg) — you can exchange them by whatever means you want (mail).

The panoramic visualization comes solely from the viewer. I really wouldn’t want to give my photos away to one of the big krakens just to use their viewer.

Thanks for your help!

VLC doesn’t work with JPGs unfortunately.

However, spherical viewer is what I was looking for :slight_smile: For now I’ve managed to download an app called PhotoSphere that allows me to view panoramic renders while on the go with my tablet. It’s not very convenient but at least I can have it somehow. I hope it’s just a matter of time before spherical photography will become more common and easy to share.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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