Painting issue



Hi Sketchup Pros! Haven’t been here in a long time, but it’s good to know you all are still here to help with designing in Sketchup. I have a quandry about painting…I designed a wooden crate and wanted to make it look like letters are painted on it. So I docked the letters onto the box and viola! the letters AND the box turned red. I tried everything. I just want to be able to paint the letters, as the box is already the right color. Any tips from the masters? Box is wooden (brown) and letters need to be red. It’s been so long I forgot how to attach a snip of the screen. Hope you understand the problem. Thjankyou in advance. RoB


I’m not sure how you went about it, but this is one way to do it.


or another, without risk of explode modifying the box…



That’s interesting, I didn’t try it that way as I expected “z fighting” and so did the intersect. But when you place that 3d text “on face” it’s actually placed 0.1mm away, avoiding the z fighting issue.

The “unfilled” text is placed directly on the face however…


Or with a ‘GlueTo’ 3D text component it could be a ‘Cut Opening’ component without extrusion when creating the text. No Z fighting either.


My first thought was that a texture may of been placed on crate too big and needed shrinking down? but probably not.


I am trying to send you the skp file…I still can’t seem to (easily) dock text onto the crate.I can’t have an outline on the letters, as it would make it time consuming when I hand letter the crate.TEXT PROBLEM.skp (254.2 KB)


Instead of trying to move that text, you better copy it and then delete the original.

Use Shift key to lock the move to Y (green) axe.

After that, cut it (Ctrl+X) and insert it into crate group (Paste in place), explode it and then paint in another color.


Thankyou all for helping … Mihai S…I copy the work TEXT and played around with it but it won’t change color without the entire crate changing color with it. I appreciate your time and expertise.TEXT PROBLEM-GREEN VERSION.skp (252.2 KB)


Did you follow the steps? because you see the clip and it’s working without problem.

  1. Copy your original text with Ctrl + Move tool and Shift key for lock move only to green axe; It will be land on the crate’s face;
  2. Select the second text, Ctrl+X (to cut it and keep it into computer memory), and double-click on your crate (which is a group) to open it, and then Edit > Paste in place to recall the text from temp memory. It will paste your text inside the crate group, onto the face;
  3. Still inside the crate group, with the text selected, and explode it.
  4. Now you can change the color, but be sure thate you are still inside te crate group.


Sorry but I can’t understand why I would need to copy the original text. Here in the blue version, I copied and docked it onto the surface with ease…Perhaps I should practice with a new box? Thankyou in advance.TEXT PROBLEM-BLUE VERSION.skp (273.6 KB)


I told you to copy it because you said:

You have to read carefully what I wrote to you and understand what a group is, like your crate.
Even if you’ve managed to position the text on that face of the box, you have to put it inside the group.

Your crate it’s a group, your text it’s outside that group.


If I understood the “theory” of how this works, I would easily be able to do it myself. Is it possible to send me a simple skp file showing you making a box, adding a little text, copy and paste technique, showing how it is done? I’m not very good with shortcuts…(yet) Thankyou Mihai S.


the box is fine, start with new text without extrusion and place it on the outside of the box group…

paint the outside of it…



The cyan crate it’s yours, and the yellow I made now with the text inside the Crate group (component)
When you want to paint or to change the colors, you have to double-click first to enter inside the Crate, and then paint the faces or the text.


mihai.s…Sorry to leave without notice yesterday, but I had to work til midnight. I will try learning from your latest link. THANKYOU!


Still can’t seamlessly get the text onto the crate…I must have bumped my head. I tried the pink letters, but I had to use the PP tool, but they are supposed to look painted on the crate. Any advice? I appreciate this. ThankyouCyan version with pink text.skp (317.4 KB)


I dont think I’m saying or doing anything that hasn’t already been suggested. But if you open your crate group, select the face to be sure you are in the group (it will get the tiny blue dot screen) then get the 3d text tool and make sure “extruded” is unchecked.
Place the text on the now open face noting the blue inference, to be sure its on the face. Then explode it. The text outline should now be part of the box face. and you should be able to color each letter. If you had previously closed the group and applied red, it will paint the whole object - crate and text in red?

  1. Select your text. Go to Edit > Cut. Your text will disappear, it’s ok!
  2. Double-click on your crate. Go to Edit > Paste in place. Your text will appear on the face inside the crate.
    That’s it!


Hi John…In your tutorial, when you placed the text on the surface of the box, you clicked on “wireframe”…then the text and the box turned TO a wireframe. When I tried to duplicate it, the box became a wireframe and the text had a bright blue wireframe. Can you tell me what I did wrong? Thankyou…TEXT WIREFRAME.skp (278.4 KB)