Made donut box but exports badly - any ideas?

I made a donut box in Sketchup. No problem in Sketchup but when exported out as .obj the text do not work and .png image of donut on back of box, have black corners.

Are there any ways to do the text and using a .png image work when exported?

Can the text parts be made to “stick” to the box parts. Currently they are kind of loose although it seems if they are fit.

Last image with grey parts is actually the text parts causing the grey outlined boxes! :slightly_frowning_face:


BOX 12.skp (2.1 MB)

Have you tried a higher transparency quality in the style settings?

No, I actually am a beginner and know very little of the options. :neutral_face:

It looks very workable. Not sure what the issue is, but could this be it (use maximum texture size):

08%20PM 25%20PM

Is the ultimate goal to create 2D images of the packaging, or are you making a 3D presentation/animation? I’m thinking some of these tasks are better done in Photoshop than in SketchUp. @liamk887 applies his text and flags and what not in Photoshop after exporting from SketchUp. In the other direction, another workflow is to composite background, doughnut, label, etc, in PS first and then import as one image as a texture into SU.

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My goal is to make freebies to offer to the community. I had started recently with sewing pattern envelopes. For that I had made the images 1st in Photoshop and with help here in the forum they taught me how to get it onto model in Sketchup. That model was a pre-made model. But my further goal is actually to make my own models. And this is how the donut box started.

But as you mention, it will be better to make all the textures with text ready in PS first.

What I see in the model is probably just as you intended (like compositing text and doughnut on a background), and not seeing the other artifacts shown.

To actually make the packaging, I would think one would unfold the SU model and export the shape only to Photoshop or Illustrator, and do graphic design there, but it’s not really my field of expertise.

Thanks for your help anyway. I am only a self-taught artist who like to do things now that I am on pension. Actually I am more familiar with Paint Shop Pro than PS. It’s also now the 1st time I am doing 3D too! Thus far I was only compiled scenes with Sketchup models and render it in Bryce.

if the alpha info of the transparency isn’t transferring in the obj it might be easier to do as suggested and make the complete panel artwork as one and apply.
The other issue as you can see is that your donut graphic is floating above the box. I would suggest drawing a circle around the donut and deleting the edges therefore eliminating the need for transparency at all as its a simple shape, furthermore, you could draw that donut circle into the box graphic as you have it and apply the donut texture to that area, then everything is in one plane. Do a similar procedure for the hole of the donut ( trace around it and sample and teture the box graphic and paste there.

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whiterabbitdesigncompanyLearned One

Thank you for the advice and showing it to me. I will give this a try tomorrow. I appreciate all the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

SketchUp now imports direct into Adobe Dimension so if you have creative Cloud that really is a better workflow and the text is much sharper.

Here is an example box I made

So make the box you want in SketchUp then apply the image you have created in dimension, it can then also render it for you as well as some other quick options.

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t have the software you mention.

I have finally got the box to work but with new textures done in Photoshop to which I have added text.

Here is a render in Bryce


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Are you using an older version of Photoshop? Anyone who has Photoshop by having a Creative Cloud subscription can also download Adobe Dimension.

Adobe do a 7 day free trial too:


Thank you for the info. I will check this out.