Wrapping text onto a wooden box


I thought this would be simple and I sadly cant find a helpful tutorial out there.

I have modelled a wooden box. I would love to write text onto the side ( not as a drawing label or info about drawing) as paret of the wooden box, as though it has been painted onto the box. The text is to wrap around 4 sides. I havea font i would liek to use from my collection, but at this stage could use any!

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance.

If you just want it to appear painted on, you would need to add the text to your texture image in an image editor and apply it. to the faces.

Text added to a wood grain texture in image editor:

Applied to a “board” in SketchUp.

Note that to make that work you’ll need large enough texture. In my example I’m using a texture that was from a very large pine board. The texture is ten feet long.

Also look at using 3D Text for that. It might be easiest to lay the components for the sides of the box out flat in a line and place the 3D text over it. Then use the Subtract tool from the Solid Tools or better, Eneroth Solid Tools set to subtract the text from the box sides.

Another alternative would be to make images of the text you want on each side using an image editor or other 2D drawing tool. Import these as textures and paint them onto the sides of the box. This is closest to actually painting the text onto the sides of the box. 3D Text, as its name says, is actual 3D geometry and adds edges and faces to your model. It is good for raised or inset text, but may be “heavy” if all you want is the look.